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How To Make Money Online For College Students

How To Make Money Online For College Students

Finding work as a college student can sometimes be a challenge. Typically, work and school life can be difficult to manage. Finding a job that fits into your school schedule can take an immense amount of effort and you may even turn up empty handed. Instead, you could look to the online world to help you bring in some extra cash or even start a successful side hustle. These ways listed below are great opportunities for college students to make money online.

Sign Up For Surveys

Signing up for and completing surveys is one of the most tried and true ways for college students to make some extra cash online. There are many different platforms that you could sign up for in order to complete surveys.

Sign Up For Surveys

Some surveys are more specific than others. One way to find surveys would be to Google search your particular interest, along with the term “surveys”. This can help bring you to a variety of different websites that will pay you to fill out the surveys.

However, keep in mind that you may not qualify to complete every survey that you stumble across. This is because the survey creators want to make sure that they generate the most accurate results. Before you fill out a survey, you will want to take note of how much you will be paid and how long the survey will take.

Join Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon has a section of their platform dedicated to crowdsourcing for businesses. On this marketplace, businesses advertise for different tasks. Once you sign up, you will have access to a variety of different tasks.

 Join Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

However, you may not qualify for all of the tasks that are shown, as these tasks may require an extra verification. But, you will be able to attempt to complete this qualification so that you can complete the task.

While there are many different tasks that you could complete on the platform, many of the tasks are quite quick to complete. That is because these tasks center around data entry or short web research tasks.

One of the best benefits of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is that you will be able to choose what company you will want to perform a task for and will be able to pick and choose when you would like to work, as long as you meet the required deadlines.

Start Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for college students to make money online and affiliate marketing is one way to also make passive income, as the income will come in even when you are not actively posting your affiliate link.

Start Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may be complicated to understand at first, but you can think of affiliate marketing as similar to a referral program. You will be provided a specific link, either to a website or to a product on a website, that you can then share with your audience.

When someone else clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you will be rewarded. Your commission rate will depend on the particular company that you are working with with your affiliate marketing.

One of the most popular affiliate marketing programs is the Amazon Affiliates program. There, users like you can select any products they want from Amazon to feature in numerous places. However, it is important to always check the guidelines for referral programs to not break the rules.

Write a Kindle Ebook

As a college student, you are likely pretty familiar with conducting research and putting together your findings for others to read. So, why not make money off of doing the same thing through a self-publishing platform?

Write a Kindle Ebook

That is exactly what you can do when you write a Kindle ebook. That is because literally anyone can publish to the Amazon Kindle store and the platform makes it relatively easy to complete with a step by step guide.

The Kindle app is available on a variety of different devices, making it easy to access for many people who want to read using the app. In order to create a sellable ebook, you will firstly want to make sure that you are providing value to your readers.

Write on a topic that falls under non-fiction because non-fiction books are generally the most helpful. Make sure to do plenty of research, compile your findings appropriately, and then edit the book or hire an editor to go through the book.

You will then be able to set the price of your ebook to whatever you want it to be, as well as run promotions. Many ebook writers start with their book in a free setting in order to get reviews and then raise the price. Writing an ebook is a great opportunity for passive income.

Join Clickworker

Clickworker is a similar platform to Amazon Mechanical Turk. On this platform, users can browse a variety of different tasks after they have signed up. These tasks may vary in difficulty and they will vary in pay.

 Join Clickworker

You can pick and choose which tasks you would like to pick up, as well as how many you would like to do on any given day. This makes it an excellent flexible option for college students that are looking to make some money online.

Create a Gig on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that is home to talented individuals that are willing to provide their services for a fee. Almost anyone can sign up for Fiverr and offer unique or creative services to the marketplace.

 Create a Gig on Fiverr

In order to offer your services, you will need to create a gig on the website. The gig will tell users what it is that you will do or create for them, as well as how much they will have to pay you. Your gig will then be available on the marketplace.

What you want to offer on the marketplace is completely up to you. One of the most popular types of gigs is writing gigs. However, there are also gigs centered around illustration and video production. The options are endless.

Sell Your Photos

If you regularly are taking high quality photos, but do not really have a use for them, you might want to sell them online. Selling stock photos online is a great way to make some extra cash and is easy to start doing for anyone.

 Sell Your Photos

There are several different platforms where you can upload stock photos, including Adobe Stock and Getty Images. You can also sell prints of your photos utilizing several different websites, including Etsy.

Enter Giveaways and Competitions

Entering giveaways and competitions, of course, will not ensure that you are getting money online. However, they are a great thing to engage in during your free time that could turn over a profit. There are many different platforms online that post competitions, even daily.

Enter Giveaways and Competitions

College students may have more luck searching online for businesses that are nearest to them, as these businesses will likely have more of a smaller following which means you will have a higher chance of winning.

Simply find these giveaways and enter them. The platforms where most of these giveaways are include Facebook and Instagram. Searching for keywords can help you find giveaways that you would like to win.

Sell Vintage Clothes on Facebook Marketplace

Vintage clothes are always heavily sought after. Buying vintage is a great way to help the environment and be sustainable. However, finding true vintage clothing is sometimes a challenge for the average person.

Sell Vintage Clothes on Facebook Marketplace

But, that’s where you come in. In your free time, go on the hunt for some vintage clothing. Then, list these pieces on Facebook Marketplace. With the Marketplace, you can sell locally or you can even add a shipping option.

Adding a shipping option helps you to reach more people with your products and you are likely to make more sales. Calculating the cost of shipping into your price and offering free shipping will also help to boost sales.

Sell Old Textbooks

If you are a college student, chances are you have some old textbooks laying around. But, before you throw out your old books, you should know that you can actually sell your old textbooks to make some extra money online.

 Sell Old Textbooks

There are many different platforms and companies that will buy your old textbooks from you. There are also many different marketplaces. However, you can also privately list your textbooks that students can purchase directly.

Start Freelancing

Getting started with freelancing can seem daunting at first, especially if you are not familiar with freelancing. However, freelancing is simple for almost everyone to start doing on their own and there are many different platforms to choose from.

Start Freelancing

While you can work from anywhere, you will likely want to choose a platform to work with. One of the top platforms to work with is Upwork. On Upwork, you will first need to qualify in order to be accepted onto the platform.

Once you are accepted, you will be able to apply to any listing that you want that is available to you. There are all different sorts of freelancing opportunities that you can apply to. When applying, you will be able to send over a cover letter detailing why you are a good match for the position.

Some freelancing opportunities will just be short gigs that may only be a one time opportunity. Other gigs may state that they are looking for someone who is more a long term solution. All of this should be discussed before you accept a freelancing opportunity.

While Upwork is a popular platform, there are also many other platforms and ways for college students to find freelancing opportunities. This includes looking for remote work on different job posting sites.

Become a Website Designer

If you are creatively talented and know some basic coding, you can self-teach yourself on how to build and design websites. You can then market yourself to companies who may not have a business website or their business website needs to be updated.

Become a Website Designer

Designing and building out websites takes a bit of knowledge and training, but if you are familiar with the processes you can successfully design websites from the comfort of your own home. Other benefits include setting your own pricing structure and only working when it is convenient for you.

Gaining the skills necessary for website design can lead you to creating a website designing side hustle that you could keep for years and years in the future, helping you to create a stable income well past your college years.

Utilize Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way for college students to make extra money online. But, many college students might not know what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is when you outsource product creation and product shipping.

Utilize Dropshipping

Typically, you will design a product and then a third-party will create that product for you and ship it directly to the customer. This means you will not have to pay to create the product yourself or pay to store the product in a warehouse.

You can choose from a wide variety of different products and can dropship just about anything. The most common products that people choose to dropship include mugs, tshirts, and even stickers.

Become an Online Tutor

As a college student, you now have a great opportunity to share your knowledge. Especially during these times, the need for online tutors is greater than ever. To become a tutor, you can join a company or you can post locally.

Become an Online Tutor

The benefits of becoming an online tutor is that you will be able to create your own hours, as well as set your own pay rate. To find a good pay rate, you will want to check out current pay rates for the area that you live in, as demographics can affect pay.

Thanks to online tutoring, you will be able to help students all from the comfort of your home. You will be able to tutor online as long as you have your own webcam or a high quality camera phone in order to do meetings.

Final Verdict

Making money online as a college student does not have to be a challenge and there are actually some quick, as well as easy, ways to choose from. Many of the ideas on this list require little to no skill or knowledge on a topic, making them great for any college student. Utilizing this list can help you try out new ideas to allow you to make money from the comfort of your own home.

Budgeting & Money Management Tips For College Students

Budgeting & Money Management Tips For College Students

Adapting the right pattern of spending and managing money for college students is vital. It helps them get into the right financial path. Many students encounter personal finance for the first time in college. It has a lot of financial requirements. Tuition fees, housing, bills, and books are some of the things students have to fund. While some students have families that support them financially, some are on their own. They fund their college expenses through loans, part-time jobs, and scholarships. It's a challenge for many who have never had bills to pay, income to manage, or a budget.

Budgeting & Money Management Tips For College Students

What is a Budget?

A budget is a plan that shows your earnings and expenditure for a month. It can be a representation of both limitations and goals on your financial needs. A budget can help you understand and visualize how much money you will make and the needs you have to plan.

Budgeting helps students to control spending and set financial goals. It helps you plan for your future and make the right money decisions. As a student, it is vital to have a budget plan.

Importance of a Budget for a College Student

For you to graduate, you don't need good grades and attending the right classes. You must cater to tuition fees, books, and other credits required or needed each semester. Whether you are taking a diploma or a bachelor's degree, a budget is essential to help you plan for your debt while in school.

Budgeting & Money Management Tips For College Students

It helps you make the most of your scholarships, assistance from family, and loans. Borrowing a loan to complete school might be unavoidable. However, your ability to budget and spend it well can help you reduce it after you graduate.

Budgeting is not only needed in college. You need to learn budgeting strategies that will help you gain financial literacy and make smart money choices in your life.

How to Budget in College

Budgeting might not be fun, but it is vital for your academic success. You might find yourself applying for other student loans once you lose track of spending. It might lead to delayed graduation and absenteeism.

List and Put Your Expenses in Categories

List early expenses and categorize them by wants or needs. A need is required for survival. A want is something that you can live without.

Before beginning school, you should list the major expenses such as academic and tuition fees. To know your additional costs go through the previous bank statements. Compare the money you spent on wants and that spent on needs.

Tips on Budgeting

Sticking to a budget can be challenging. Use smart tips and develop a budget plan.

Tips to stay on track include:

  • Budget for everything: Bills are not the only things to put in a budget. Small expenses, such as snack purchases, can quickly adapt fast. Set aside some money every month towards some books and supplies, eating out, and going to the movies.
  • Sell your old school books and buy used ones: Textbooks are expensive. It might cost you a lot of money to buy new ones at the beginning of every semester. Search for stores that sell second-hand books to save you some money.
  • Automate your savings: In as much as it's hard to remain consistent on savings, the fruits are good. Set aside some money every month for saving. If you struggle with this, then automate your savings. All you have to do is visit your bank's website to set this up.
  • Get creative and find free fun: Planning social activities and eating out is tempting. Most activities need money. Switch your entertainment sometimes. Instead of going out, enjoy some at-home entertainment. Rent a movie or host a game night. You might find some new friends who are also interested in saving some money.
  • Eat at home: Eating at home does not mean that you stop eating out. You can buy ingredients from your local store and make foods that will last you a while. Cooking can be a fun and good social activity.
  • Earn some extra cash: Work on part-time jobs. Freelance work may be helpful to earn some extra cash. Start an online clothes shop or even sell snacks to your school mates. It will help you save and cater for unexpected needs.
  • Pay in cash: Pay cash for some things to avoid overspending. Sometimes giving out cash may feel different than swiping a credit card.
  • Use online coupons: There are many online deals offered by many businesses than purchasing in-store. Many business websites have promotional codes. Make use of these and save those extra coins.
  • Carpool: Split gas cost when going home for holidays or the weekend with your friends from the same hometown.
  • Financial aid: Research on available grants and scholarships that will help you save on the tuition expenses.
  • Get good grades: Having good grades increases your chance of getting a scholarship. Work hard in your academics for high performance.
  • Take classes at a community college: Most community colleges have classes that make sense for your schedule and your pocket. Before enrolling in college, take time to research on the available community colleges. It will help you to make time for work, hence, extra cash.
  • Borrow as little as possible: Take the minimum amount of student loans and budget it well. It will reduce the amount of debt you have after school.
  • Use a money management app: It will help you keep track of your expenditures daily. It will also give you structure and will help you prevent going against your budget.
  • Use your student email or ID: You can get some student discounts by just using your student ID. You can also get promotions and college deals out of your students' email.
  • Saving power: Turn off the lights in your students' room while not in use. Also, switch off any electric devices you might have to save on energy and power.
  • Talk with your parents: Seek advice from your parents about personal finance. Create time to chat with them about saving money and the basics of a student loan.

Student Budget Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

College students can easily make money mistakes. It includes:

  • You are spending too much on textbooks: You might be paying too much money for textbooks. Some classes will give you a new one for half the price. Take this opportunity instead of buying one at a high price. You can also rent a textbook to keep costs down. Try and resell your textbooks at the end of the semester to get some of your money back.
  • Misusing student loans: You might spend change from your student loan on non-essential things. It will only increase the amount you have to pay back plus the interest. Save it in your account to help you during repayment time. Also, you can make use of it by making payments on vital things.
  • Not applying for scholarships: Make time to apply for scholarships and grants. Do not miss out on this financial opportunity. It can make a huge difference, no matter how small the scholarship.
  • Spending too much on social activities: You might experience a challenge while spending too much on social activities. Learn to say no to some social event, since this will bend your budget. You can try alternative activities to avoid spending too much. Make a meal together with your friends at home instead of going out for dinner. Have a movie night at home instead of going out to watch one.

Budgeting Myths in College

There are several budgeting tips to help college students. There are many myths, as well.

These myths can mislead and misinform students into making poor money choices. Students need to know these myths, and why they should not believe them.

Budgeting & Money Management Tips For College Students

They include:

  • Students should use a credit card: It's better not to use a credit card if you'll end up spending too much money on it or make timely payments. It can damage your students' credit, and it is hard to recover from that.
  • Spending money on going out is a social obligation: There are many ways you can have fun. You can either not spend any money or save some. Student discounts, university resources, and events can be just as fun and pocket friendly for you.
  • Students don't need to save money while in college: This myth discourages students from saving and convinces them to believe that they can wait until they graduate. Having a student saving account is vital. It will help you during emergencies, and you can begin paying off your loan after graduating.

Importance of Budgeting During College

Student loan amounts have risen over the past decade. Students need to take advantage of the benefits of budgeting, including:

  • Budgeting helps you avoid unnecessary expenses: It helps you to differentiate needs from wants. It allows you to know which expenses must be catered for and on time. Budgeting helps identify which requirements are worth taking a loan . It helps you identify other unnecessary expenses like going to the movies and eating out. It can be prevented if you don't have money.
  • Budgeting helps you stay healthy: School can be stressful; debt can add to that burden. Research shows that most students lose sleep over school associated matters. Most of them turn to drug and substance abuse to help them cope. Having a budget provides a sense of organization, consistency, and understanding of your finances. It reduces stress.
  • It teaches you valuable life-skills: Budgeting will never be outdated. Your life continues after college. You start a career, build a family, and prepare for retirement.

    A budget will help you cover these expenses at all times. Take time to master how to budget and handle your cash, as this will improve your financial skills.
  • It helps you foster a healthy financial future: A college budget helps you control your expenditure. Make excellent financial decisions when starting your career.

    An excellent budget will help you avoid student loans that would have you pay back with interest. You'll be able to save and maintain a better credit score with less debt.

Limitations of Budgeting and Management Tools for College Students

In as much as budgeting has many advantages to a student, it also has certain limitations. These include:

  • Budgeting, planning, or forecasting is not easy. It requires approximations that may not be accurate in most cases. A budget is just an estimate. No one knows what will happen.
  • The utility and success of budgeting require discipline. It would be best if you directed all your efforts according to your plan. Many times it has failed due to one wrong move.
  • Creating a budget plan takes time. As a student, you don't have much time as most of your days involve class, assignments, and other vital things. If you take the time to make a budget, you tend to expect much from it.
Budgeting & Money Management Tips For College Students

If the budget fails, you become very disappointed. Too much work is taken into budgeting as you should understand the objectives, essentials, and philosophy of budgeting.

  • An unbalanced budget plan will lead to overestimation of your college expenses and underestimation of your income. It creates budget slack.
  • Budgeting involves rigid decision making. It makes it hard for you to be flexible, especially if you do not have additional income charges as a college student.
  • Budgeting sometimes can take a toll on you if it does not work. You might spend a lot of money on creating a budget plan. It leads to wastage of funds if it fails.

Types of Financial Budget Plans for College Students

  • Incremental budgeting: It ignores external drivers and might cause underestimation of things. It might result in budget slack.
  • Activity-based budgeting: It requires one to determine what the output will be. In many cases, it might be inaccurate.

As a student, you need to have a budget plan. It will help reduce the risk of going broke while in college. Budgeting helps attain financial skills. These financial skills will play a huge role when it comes to saving and other future projects. Create a budget plan today.