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In order to address the critical issues of growing licensed moneylender loan debt and financial literacy, a collective effort must be made to educate, train and provide resources to college-bound and college students. This responsibility does not fall on one entity alone—and it’s up to K-12 entities, institutions, policy makers, industry leaders, financial service providers such as moneylenders or banks, parents and students themselves to increase financial capability. Below is a compilation of financial literacy resources, including a collection of topical research and online tools:

Online Tools, Information and Communities
Start with Change Online Community

Student Loan Payment Calculator Tool

Savings Calculator

FDIC Money Smart—Financial Education Podcasts

Online Learning Platforms

EverFi’s Vault—Understanding Money for Elementary School Students

EverFi’s Financial Literacy for High School Students

EverFi’s Transit—Financial Wellness for College Students

Rand Financial Literacy Center

Moneythink Mobile

Policy Information

AASCU Financial Literacy White Paper

Arizona APlus Study

Essay by Steven Bahls, President Augstana University

President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans

University-Based Financial Literacy Programs and Centers

Champlain College Center for Financial Literacy

Indiana University Money Smarts

Kansas State University Powercat Financial Counseling

Ohio State University Student Wellness Center Financial Education & Coaching

Sam Houston State University Student Money Management Center

Tyler Junior College Good Cents Financial Literacy

University of Missouri Office for Financial Success

University of North Texas Student Money Management Center

Select Financial Literacy Reports and Whitepapers

Financial Literacy Annual Report
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, July 2014

Financial Behavior, Debt, and Early Life Transitions: Insights from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, 1997 Cohort
National Endowment for Financial Education, June 2014

Financial Literacy in Higher Education: The Most Successful Models and Methods for Gaining Traction
COHEAO Financial Literacy Task Force, March 2014

Having it All: Girls & Financial Literacy
Girl Scouts Research Institute, April 2013

Transforming the Financial Lives of a Generation of Young Americans: Policy Recommendations for Advancing K-12 Financial Education
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, April 2013

2012 Research Priorities and Research Questions
U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission, May 2012

Financial Literacy in Higher Education: A 2011 Study of Student Attitudes and Behaviors
EverFi, Fall 2011